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    Magic Blossom Tree

    Bring the Blossoms Home: Grow Your Own Crystal Sakura Tree!

    Interactive Experience

    Ease of Setup

    Quality Craftsmanship

     Safe to use around children and pets.



    The Magic Blossom Tree exceeded my expectations! As a nature enthusiast, I was thrilled to witness the transformation 

    -Sarah J.

    Verified buyer

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    Have you ever wished to bring the beauty of cherry blossoms inside your space?

    Look no further! Introducing the Magic Blossom Tree, a dazzling desk decoration that will transform any room into a sanctuary of elegance. Adorned with exquisite crystals that emulate the delicate allure of cherry blossoms, this enchanting tree is more than just décor—it's a captivating ode to nature's beauty

    And the best part? Our Crystal Growing Kit is easy to set up. 

    Simply take out the accessories, separate the paper branches, and fix the paper tree in the tray. Then, add the magic solution, and watch as your Sakura tree comes to life with colorful crystals. Embark on a gratifying adventure that intimately connects you with the captivating wonders of the natural world. 

    Frequently Asked Questions

    When will the tree be in full bloom?

    The tree will reach full bloom within 10-12 hours at normal room temperature.

    Are the materials used in the Magic Blossom Tree safe?

    The Magic Blossom Tree uses water, sodium acetate, and a food additive, making it completely safe and harmless.

    What are the steps to set up the Magic Blossom Tree?

     To set up, unfold the paper tree, place it in the tray, fully extend the branches, and then pour the magic water solution over the tree.

    Can I reuse the Magic Blossom Tree kit after it has bloomed?

    No, the Magic Blossom Tree is designed for a single-use experience to enjoy the full beauty of the blooming process.

    Is the Magic Blossom Tree safe for children and pets?

     Yes, the Magic Blossom Tree is made from harmless materials and is safe to use around children and pets.

    Can the Magic Blossom Tree be used as a permanent decoration?

    Yes, once the crystals have fully grown and the solution has evaporated, the Magic Blossom Tree can be displayed as a permanent decorative piece.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 22 reviews
    Hugh Rempel

    10/10 arrived earlier than expected, good quality and well closed

    Kristoffer Wilderman

    Cool tree

    Lorenzo Feest

    Très bien

    Billy Lind

    Loved how this came out. What a fun expirement

    Shanon Upton

    my kids love it

    Magic Blossom Tree

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